Why Comfortable Lingerie Is the Way to Go: It is All About Your Inner Beauty

One of the biggest myth when it comes to lingerie is that comfortable and sexy are mutually exclusive attributes. We are here to tell you that comfortable lingerie can be sexy as hell and can bring out your inner beauty, giving you the confidence to own your body and be proud of it. Well-fitting shapewear is the modern woman’s armour of choice. After all, wouldn’t you rather wear a set of comfortable bra and panties that you can forget about than wear something just because it is considered to be ‘’sexy’’ then keep tugging on it throughout the day? There’s nothing sexy about constantly adjusting your bra straps or getting an annoying wedgie from wearing a thong!

What Women Want

When it comes to women’s lingerie, far way too long, the focus has been on what men want. Lingerie advertising was focused on what you should wear to impress and tempt your boyfriend or spouse. But times have changed, and now most lingerie brands are more focused on what women—the actual customers—want. Moreover, as it turns out, what women want is comfortable lingerie.

How Comfortable Lingerie Helps You Shine

The primary purpose of lingerie is to provide you with proper support and help you create a beautiful silhouette. Try to avoid visible panty lines by wearing seamless panties, and well-endowed women will benefit greatly from wearing sturdy bras that come with wide straps and ample support. Why should you suffer in the name of fashion? What is more beautiful? A woman who’s comfortable in her skin or one that is constantly checking herself to make sure everything is in place and seeming ill at ease? If comfortable lingerie gives me what I need and helps turn me into a beautiful and elegant woman, then that is hands down my first choice when it comes to lingerie!

Easy-Maintenance Makes Life Easy

Another aspect that makes comfortable lingerie an absolute favourite is the fact that they are easy maintenance. Cotton bras and panties can be washed and dried quickly, without much fuss. Who has the time to go to all the impossible lengths of washing lingerie by hand and letting it air dry for days? A wash delicate cycle in the washing machine and quick tumble drying can make life so much easier. It is the main reason why more and more women are boycotting the silk panties and bras and opting for the more practical and longer-lasting cotton lingerie. After a stressful day at work, the last thing any woman wants is to be washing her delicate lingerie by hand. No, thanks. We will just stick to our beautiful cotton bra and panties to get us through the week.

From high-waist tummy-tucking panties to bras with better cup support, comfortable lingerie is becoming a woman’s best friend. When you feel comfortable, you feel good about yourself and that, in turn, reflects on how you carry yourself. After all, inner beauty is all that counts in the end!